Voice Up! Challenge 2012

YouthchaNgE 3.0 Voice Up! Challenge 2012 is organized to promote new media competencies and interactive learning through participatory media. It also seeks to encourage the spirit of innovation through the engagement of national, social, or environmental issues using new media.

For YouthchaNgE 3.0 Voice Up! Challenge 2012, students will apply their film-making or animation skills to create a meaningful 5-minute video on based on either the theme 1) Places I Call Home, or 2) Singapore on Wheels.

Students who are interested, please fill in this FORM and approach Mr Jonathan Chua at the General Office to get it faxed.

More Information can be found on:

Calling all SST Students - Hit us with your Best Shot!

Itching to build up your design portfolio?

Submit a photo of your favourite spot in SST and 
stand a chance to win an overseas trip to a renowned design studio.

Hurry! Last date of submission is on 30 November 2012

(Click on HERE if you are unable to view the image below)

(20121031) Sec 3 Course Options Exercise

For assistance with any technical issues, you can 

  1. Call Simplex Consultants at 62713936 between 9am-6pm from Monday to Friday and 9am-12pm on Saturday 2.email to sst@sdm.sg
  2. For any other issues, you can email to sdm@sst.edu.sg

(20121031) Access to the Student Database Management (SDM) System (for Results & Subject Options)

Dear Parents and Students

Please note that you may access the SDM system at http://sst.sdm.sg/

Click HERE to find out
  • How to access the Portal
  • How to submit the Sec 3 Course Options (for Sec 2)
  • How to maintain information
Should you need further enquiries or assistance, you can email to sdm@sst.edu.sg

Info Hub News...New Arrivals

 Titles from 'For Dummies series'
For Dummies is the most widely recognized and highly regarded reference series in the world. It has helped millions make everything easier, without all the technical jargon.

Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies, offers an easy-to-understand introduction to programming through the popular, versatile Java 7.0 language.

iPad Application Development For Dummies, 3rd Edition
Whether you're looking for a new hobby or you want to build a business in app development, this book will be in your developer's toolkit!

Web Design For Dummies, 3rd Edition goes beyond just making a basic web site and instead encourages you to create a site that is appealing, practical, and useful.

Webkit for Dummies teaches you to create web pages that make the most of everything WebKit has to offer.

(20121026) Post Exam Activities on MONDAY 29 October

Look out for instructions at the morning assembly for any changes (e.g. venues)

Students attending the Apps Development Workshop are to ensure that your learning device is fully charged before the lesson.

(20121026) Post Exam Activities on TUESDAY 30 October

Look out for instructions at the morning assembly for any changes (e.g. venues)

Students attending the Apps Development Workshop are to ensure that your learning device is fully charged before the lesson.

(20121026) Post Exam Activities on WEDNESDAY 31 October

Look out for instructions at the morning assembly for any changes (e.g. venues)

Students attending the Apps Development Workshop are to ensure that your learning device is fully charged before the lesson.

(20121023) S1 ICT TDP Recruitment

SST ICT TDP is open again! All interested parties, please report to the Learning Oasis 2 at 1pm on 24 October 2012.

(20121023) S1 Post Exam Activity - Apps Development Workshop

Gentle Reminder...

Students who are attending the Apps Development Workshop, please remember to bring your full-charged learning device for the session.
  • Wednesday S1-01, S1-02 and S1-03
  • Thursday S1-07, S1-08 and S1-09

(20121023) (3rd) FLAG DAY Opportunity for All Sec 3 Students!

Join in the community service on 3th November 2012 (Saturday) and raise funds for a good cause!

Dear Sec 3 students,

Details of the Flag Day
  1. Beneficiary Organisations: TOUCH Community Services
  2. Date:  3 November 2012 (Saturday)
  3. Time: Min. 4hours per slot (between 8am to 4.30pm)
  4. Note:  Closing date for application - 25th Oct 2012
Interested participants, please sign up at the General Office. There is a physical form at the Reception Counter. There will also be a compulsory briefing session @ SST by TOUCH Community Services before the flag day. All participants will be informed accordingly.

Note: It is compulsory for every Sec 3 student to sign up for at least 1 flag day opportunity in the year 2012

Youth Service Committee

School Parent Meeting 2 - 1 Nov 2012

Dear students, 

Kindly inform your parents that there will be a School Parent Meeting on 1 November 2012 from 8.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. 

Your parents can make appointments with your form teacher to collect your Progress Report for Semester Two. Details on how to make appointments and other information are available in the latest Letter to Parents (October 2012) on the SST’s website under Announcement for Parents. 

Students are expected to come with their parents on that day. Students are to be attired in the SST school uniform on that day. The usual school rules apply. 

Thank you.

(20121017) SST School Song Lyrics Project

Dear SST students,

To capture key words/phrases for our school song, please submit your inputs in the appended Google Form.

 2. Class Chairperson of each class will then collate the inputs using Wordle (http://www.wordle.net/create), save a screenshot of the Wordle display and submit it to the respective form teacher through emails by 23 October(Tuesday).

Thank you!
Mdm Bek Su Ling 麦素玲
Head Of Department, Mother Tongue Language

(20121017) Announcement for Environment Representatives

Please take note that there will be a briefing for all environmental representative on next Monday (22 October). Attendance is compulsory.
If you are not able to make it, please approach Ms Kassandra Lim or Ms Karen Ng.

Details of the briefing - 
Date: 22 October 2012
Day: Monday
Time: 1.45 pm
Venue: Learning Oasis 1

(20121017) Schedule for Paper Checking

(20121017) MOE Independent School Bursary (ISB)

Dear Parents/Guardians & Students
Application for the MOE Independent School Bursary (ISB) is now open for eligible students who are Singapore Citizens. Existing ISB recipients in 2012 are required to submit a fresh application for 2013 if they wish to continue receiving the ISB.
Interested applicants may download the application form from the link below or collecting a hardcopy from the SST General Office.
For more information, please refer to the School website.

Investigate IT 2012

Dear Students,

An update for this event. 33 students are attending the Investigate IT 2012, of which, only 7 have submitted the form at the bottom of this post. The rest of you (Highlighted in Red) kindly submit it by 18 October 2012, Thursday.

Consent form will be given to you on 17 October 2012, Wednesday.

Thank You

No. Student's Full Name
2 Farruq Daniel Bin Humardany
3 Low Kai Ferng
4 Pan Ziyue
5 Ni Xu Gang Metta
6 Chew Jia-Jing Ryan
7 Godfrey Gan
8 Sheares Tiong
9 Sherwin Seah Yew Hsing
10 Muhammad Hamidshah Bin Nasharuddin
11 Bernard Ng Jing Zhi
12 Elgin Low
13 Tam Wai Hang
14 Elgin Patt
15 Nicholas Tan
16 Ryan Chew
17 Kat Yong Jie
18 Ding Nina Lin
19 Devanshi Patidar
20 Amelia Pang Kay Lee
21 Tay Ming Yi
22 Mikowicz Kaelan Thaddeus
23 Isaac Lim Yi Jie
24 Teng Zheng Jie
25 Idris
26 Looi Wei Chern
27 Tay Kun Yao
28 Tay Zhi An
29 Darren Teo Wei Jie
30 Matthew Wong Chii Zheng
31 Ng Zheng Nan Ben
32 Kashyap Shroff
33 Siddharth Gohil

20121016 Review of Exam Papers (Wed-Fri)

Dear Students You will be reviewing the exam papers in the next 3 days (Wednesday - Friday). Please be reminded that you are to bring ONLY a PENCIL for the checking of your answer scripts this week. No pens will be allowed. You may bring along with you a calculator to add the marks.

Info Hub closed on 16 Oct 2012

Info Hub is closed today. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

(20121013) 15 & 16 October 2012 - Marking Days

Dear students, Please note that 15 and 16 Oct (Monday and Tuesday) have been designated as marking days for the teachers. There will be no formal lessons and school activities, unless prior arrangements have been made with your teachers-in-charge.

(20121012) CCA Schedule in Term 4

-- 15 Oct schedule as following:

-- 17 Oct to 9 Nov CCA as usual like normal school days. 

-- 10 Nov to 23 Nov and 26 Dec to 31 Jan 2013. schedule as following ;

-- Blackout period 24 Nov to 25 Dec, no CCA activities unless exceptions. Refer to CCA schedule. 

SST Character Award 2012 - Nominations (Reminder)

Dear SST Students, 

Nominations for the SST Character Award 2012 are now open! 

SST Character Award 2012
The SST Character Award is open to all SST students who have demonstrated exemplary values, good character, civic responsibility and exemplified conduct that is in alignment to the school’s values, namely, Excellence, Empowering self and others and Expanding Learning Networks (3Es)

Recipients of the SST Character Award who are Singapore citizens may be nominated for the MOE Edusave Character Award. The MOE Edusave Character Award (ECHA) serves to recognise Singaporean students who have shown exemplary values, character and civic responsibility through their behavior and actions and who strive to overcome the odds. The ECHA serves to send a strong signal that good character is as important as academic achievements.

*Note: More information on the criteria and selection process can be found on the www.sst.edu.sg (Parents' Announcement or Student Development Page) by the end of today. 

Know any SST student who is a positive role model who has shown exemplary values, good character and civic responsibility through his/her behavior and actions and can be identified for demonstrating the following qualities?

· Qualities associated with the school values (3Es)
·       Embarking every endeavour with Excellence
·       Empowering themselves and others to make a difference to the world around them
·       Expanding learning networks by leveraging on the diversity around to build collective wisdom
· Demonstrated exemplary civic responsibility (e.g. played an active role in addressing issues faced by the community); and
· Shown remarkable resilience and tenacity in overcoming difficult circumstances.

If you wish to nominate him/her, please pick up a copy of the nomination form available at the General Office. An email has also been sent to your SST email address. You may also refer to it for details. 

Please submit all nomination forms to the General Office before the closing date. 

Nominations close on 22 Oct 2012 (1 p.m.).

We look forward to your nomination! 

Thank you and have a nice day! :)

Ms Doreen Tan 
on behalf of the Student Development Department

(20121012) Show choir and Dance call back and new audition date

Results of the first round of auditions for show choir and dance is posted outside the staff room. Some of you are requested to do a call-back for a 2nd round of auditions for show choir on the 17th Oct. 

There is still room for a few more members in the lower secondary group for show choir and dance.  If you are keen to join, please come down to the Music Room on the 17th of October at 2pm for an audition.

Please contact Ms Patricia Ng for further enquiries. 
Direct line is 414

20121011 ASEAN-Japan 1st Cyber Security Awareness Week

The 2nd week of October 2012 has been designated the inaugural ASEAN-Japan Cyber Security Awareness Week, with the tagline “Be Aware, Secure, and Vigilant”.

The ASEAN-Japan Cyber Security Awareness Week is the first collaboration event between ASEAN member states and Japan on security awareness raising initiatives. A collection of cyber security collaterals have been developed for the various countries’ usage to promote the Awareness week, one of which is the awareness video relevant for sharing with students who are likely to be avid online users.

The awareness video is hosted at https://www.gosafeonline.sg/media/asean_eng.mp4 .
What's in the video:
  • 0:54 Beware of Careless Website 
  • 1:58 Leakage of important information by targeted email attack 
  • 3:07 Unfamiliar email may make you a perpetrator in a DDos attack 
  • 5:34 If your password is stolen 
  • 7:48 Summary
More information on ASEAN-Japan 1st Cyber Security Awareness Week can be found at https://www.gosafeonline.sg/inaugural-asean-japan-cyber-security-awareness-week

(20121010) (2nd) FLAG DAY Opportunity for All Sec 3 Students!

Join in the community service on 27 October (Saturday) and raise funds for a good cause!

Dear Sec 3 students,

Details of the Flag Day
  1. Beneficiary Organisations: Teen Challenge Singapore
  2. Date:  27 October 2012 (Saturday)
  3. Time: 2 Shifts - AM Shift (0800-1300hrs) OR/AND PM Shift (1200-1700hrs)
  4. Reporting Place: Ang Mo Kio MRT Station
  5. Note: Sec 3 students may sign up for either AM or PM or both. Reporting time is 30 mins before flag day shift.
Interested participants, please SIGN-UP Here!

Note: It is compulsory for every Sec 3 student to sign up for at least 1 flag day opportunity in the year 2012.
You may approach Mr Seth Tan for more information.

Youth Service Committee

Go Safe Online

“GO SAFE ONLINE” serves to provide a consistent call-to- action where users are reminded to take personal responsibility in protecting themselves against cyber threats. In that the best protection for infocomm users against cyber threats is personal commitment to infocomm security.

In this issue, you can learn about Advanced Persistent Threats, their channels of attack and how to avoid being a tool of attack.